A kind hearted guy, who considers everyone before himself. A big brain, full of fun things, its impossible to spend a day with him and not have a good time.
"hey Arib" "yeah?" "I need some help with math, do you mind?" "not at all, anything for my friends"
by an_emotion February 22, 2018
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The biggest fatass it can be.
Cherrio: Isn't Arib the biggest fatass there can be?

Mary: Yeah I know right like seriously dude he's a FATASS
by MinionTwister December 13, 2016
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Aribe is the the name of a girl with a very good singing voice,and the art style of drawing without facial expresions.
David:Look its Aribe
by EstupidAndUgly June 18, 2020
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It is the last name of a beautiful girl with a good sense of humor, nice laugh, pretty smile, beautiful hair, great personality, and first name is Amanda
xavier: who was that girl you were talking to
Dawson: That was Amanda Aribe, she's amazing
by Its Obvious September 25, 2013
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He is a sad young boy who has his computer fiddled with on a daily basis. He is often quiet and sometimes gets infuriated.
Poor kid in computer science with the two other guys. He is such an Arib Al-Islam
by JinglyJangly October 31, 2022
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