An amazing person with a sweet personality, and damn she's hot!

She knows exactly what to say and is so helpful to everyone around her.

and like I said SHE HAS A ROCKING BOD
Areal is rocking those shorts. Damn girl.
by dfggres December 30, 2014
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This person is hot, gorgeous, talented, and intelligent. She's kind and approachable, but don't take advantage of it because she'll be the scariest person you'll meet. She might look happy, but trust me, she's dying inside. So if you have a friend named Areal, try to check on her before she gives up on life.
Areal was treated badly by the people around her, but she chose to smile despite all of it.
by kulayrosasangbukas March 7, 2022
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The weight of fiber per unit area (width times length) of tape or fabric. Term typically used in the composites industry.
"That fabric has an areal weight of .2 psi."
by the_grad June 8, 2005
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