A statement of disbelief. Sometimes used to request clarification on a subject matter.
"The phone bill is $300?" "Are you fucking kidding me?" seriously?
by quammibox August 10, 2011
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You will say this when you question what is asked or told to you in the most extreme way possible.

Usually you would say "are you kidding?" in a subtle way if your calm but when you become full on angry, angrier that Goku...; ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?

basically...this can be said at any given time when someone asks you a favor, question, a "go do it" order.
Hey I forgot my bag at home can you drive 20 minutes over to drop it off


(Almost at the end of a Halo game, Iron being on..and everyone dies) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

(Power goes out when you are downloading super important shit) ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?
by ...their not fucking kidding.. October 14, 2011
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When you make friends with a stage 5 clinger and for your own safety you have no choice but to stay friends with them until one of you dies.
Girl: "That's too crazy..."

Friend : "Sorry sista, You fuck with me, you stuck with me"
by Lil Booty February 02, 2017
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1) Slang term for 'Are you kidding me?'

Often used to invoke shock into an unwitting victim's heart.

2) Can be used to determine any potential sexual relations with the other person in the conversation.
1) Girl 1 - "Oh my god, he was soooo ugly!"
Girl 2 - "Are you fucking me?! He looked like George Clooney and Brad Pitt's love child!"
Girl 1 - "Am I what? Uhh.. Huh?"

2) Boy - "Clueless was shit, man. I don't know why you girls like it so much."
Girl - "Are you fucking me?!"
Boy - "I wish!"
by Kateebby August 15, 2008
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A mixture of "are you fucking with me?" and "are you serious?" commonly used when cut off by some dumbass driver, who was too stupid to get over when they were supposed to.

Also when you hear something completely unbelievable.
A stupid Honda cuts you off, almost causing you to text-end so you scream "are you fucking me seriously?"

"honey, I think were have sextuplets"
"are you fucking me seriously?"
by tinkmobile June 21, 2009
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