Once again, Michael Phelps has just broke the world record
by 400M September 10, 2008
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He doesn't swim, he beats the water untill it takes him where he wants to go.
you take me there right now, or ill go all michael phelps on you!
by dgoswimmergirl December 27, 2010
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Michael Phelps requires extensive care and feeding. Typical amount consumed in a day ranges around 12,000 calories.
by NvgtrWiggles September 5, 2008
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Crushing a full bowl in one hit as though you have lungs of iron.
- Dude, do you think I can Michael Phelps this bowl?
- I don't know dude, but don't do it. I'm tryna hit that.


"Man, I'm gunna Michael Phelps this shit and see if I can swim like a dolphin afterwards."
by Marcrazy February 18, 2009
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In 2008, became confirmed as a new species of fish. Will probably be best known for having won eight gold medals in a single Olympics, and at the time breaking the world record for seven of them.
I don't get it, I trained just as hard as him, why can't I ever swim faster than him?

Well that's because he was already born at a physical advantage over you, like Michael Phelps is to all the other people whose bodies do not resemble that of an aquatic animal.
by writ September 20, 2008
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the greek god of cannibus. also occasionally known to swim.
Michael Phelps to the people: Praise me all ye people, for I supply that which is best- green and gold
by waddlingpenguinpooper March 8, 2009
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A 6'4", 200-pound aquatic mammal and 14-time Olympic gold medalist.
Michael Phelps can walk on water but doesn’t want to show off, so he swims instead.
by yardcows September 18, 2008
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