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To change your personality temporarily and treat your friends differently because there is an attractive girl you are trying hard to ape on
James was Apeing hard last night. Kinda pissed me off.
by Deeldo September 16, 2015
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The act of jumping around and shouting like a monkey at someone while they are in there car
"Hey dylan's pulling in, lets go ape his car"
"Hey, when it get dark out lets go apeing"
by Woogie Boogie January 17, 2013
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Apeing is the supposed process of having sex with someone while acting in a ape like maner, which can include dressing up in a monkey suit and/or speaking like a monkey, i.e. "ooh, ooh, ooooh, aahh, ahh etc..." in order to exact dominance. The development period is at the moment unknown however is believed to be a split off from the Sadism and Masochism era with limited amounts of violence. Other acts include doing monkey like behavior prior to sex, i.e. being used as fore play such as pretending to pick insects from each other and/or other such behavior.

Can also include Surprise Apeing which is identical however usual refers to either rape using such a behavior or surprising your lover using such behavior without prior notice.
Boy one: "I aped her last night"
Boy two: "Nice One"

Boy one: "Apeing Loudly Inside!"
Boy three: "Love Of Vertebratish Estatic Sex?"
Boy two: "Gee, Even Ooh Raah Gaah Aaah?"
boy one: "Yep! ooh ooh ahh ooh rahh gahh gahh"

Boy one: "Wana ape around a bit?"
Girl one: " I love apeing with you, ooh ooh!"

Or in the other context:

Girl one: "AAAAAH"
Randomer one: "Yeah, ooh ahh ahh!"

by ARACANID October 08, 2009
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Verb. When you climb everyday objects (poles,gutters,walls, etc) to reach the top for no apparent reason.
I'm so hyper, what should I do?" "Let's go do some apeing
by himynameisgadget July 09, 2011
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