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that nigga in your friend circle, who trash at the stuff you do, but every once in a blue fucking moon, they suddenly become godlike and shit, this nigga is a pretty cool dude, he's nice and shit, and generally cool to hang out with, but sometimes he do some stupid shit with his homies, bitches secretly like this nigga, but they ain't never gonna say they do, cuz bitches be like that and shit, this nigga be like Patrick Star fat ass from Spongebob, stupid but smart, this nigga is Indian, and everyone knows Indians are fucking ugly bro what the fuck, this nigga corny, unfunny ass nigga, but he aight
When playing Sports

Team Captain: yo imma take that Anvith, cuz even though he trash, he sometimes good

With his homies

Anvith: Hey should I go slap that bitches ass
Homies: Yeah nigga
Anvith: (slaps the bitches ass)
Bitch: (Beats his weak ass)
Homies: (laughing and clowning this dumbass nigga)

Making Jokes

Anvith: I just found out I'm colorblind
Nigga: Damn bro, so you can't tell no colors my nigga
Anvith: That news came completely out the green (chuckles)
Nigga: (knocks that nigga out for making a shitty ass pun)

With Bitches

Bitch 1: girl do you see that guy over there, he kinda cool, do you likee
Bitch 2: oh yeah I likee
Bitch 1: ask him out then
Bitch 2: nah, I like him, but he an Anvith though
Bitch 1: you right, go flirt with him, but don't give it off that you like him cuz he an Anvith
Bitch 2: Don't worry Imma do that
by juan tortiiakaka;l;ak July 02, 2019
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