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Anurag means love or a kind of attarction.
Anurag is normally prefer as a name of a boys, who are very sweet and lovable in nature:)
by Charu June 19, 2007
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Its an Indian name of a boy. Its a Hindi word which means affection and love.
by anuraganimax December 10, 2009
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A loyal friend that would do anything for friendship. A very generous person that would not think twice to even help a stranger. But has a hard time with people whose name starts with 'S'. Not you Sunil! But you get what I mean. So if you are a 'S'tranger then it could go either way.
Faltu Dude1: Hey that guy gave me a lift to the petrol station when nobody wanted to help

Faltu Dude2: Nice guys are hard to find

Faltu Dude1: But he got a bit irritated when I told him my name was Sishir.

Faltu Dude2: Oh! He must be an Anurag.
by Bandopasto January 19, 2019
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It is called love in Hindi and is associated with a very popular and macho kind of guy. Any guy sitting in the centre of room has a high probability of being named Anurag.
Ooh! I just can't stop thinking of Anurag enough.
Oh no! He can't be Anurag?! He can't even put two and two together.
by k4kaliazz October 21, 2011
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Anurag is a person who is known to be a sex god. Said to have a shockingly large penis said to have never to have failed in bringing a girl to orgasm. His fantastic personality significantly helps in attracting girls too.
Rishav: Hey bro did you see that really hot dude walking, he had so many hot chicks around him too.

Kinjal: Oh yeah I saw, he must be an Anurag.
by lucid 1234 November 02, 2020
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