(Referred to by King Arthur in Monty Python and the Holy Grail) Place of origin, of which the Holy Handgranade was made and obtained until used against the beast guarding the cave (of Kire Bannor) entrance (not just a rabbit).
Sir Galahad: "We have the Holy Handgranade."
King Arthur: "Yes of course, we'll use the Holy Handgranade of Antioch. Brother Maynard, please bring us the Holy Handgranade of Antioch."
::Die es Jesu domine, donne e is requiem::
Brother Maynard: "Armaments, Chapter 2, Verses 9-21"...
by MrObvious March 17, 2005
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The hardest and most ghetto place in the south. It is the defenition of southern poverty. It is more poor than almost every city in the south except for New Orleans. The most common race there is black.
Haha my friend got shot over a dollar in the morning in Antioch yesterday!
by Dequan08 hommie January 21, 2008
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A tiny town on the border of wisconsin and illinois that noone has ever heard of. its full of ugly people and drug addicts.. the schools are all old and the kids in the schools are bad influences. a lot of the kids' parents are on welfare, and try to look rich when they arent. a lot of corn and trees, not much to do. the movie theater had one movie running at a time.. closest city is gurnee (20 minutes away), pretty much the ghetto but white people who are ghetto. the guys tan a lot and whenever someone asks to go to the bathroom, their asking to go smoke basically. a lot of people skip classes. there are a lot of old people. and fat people. the hangout is walmart.. its pretty pathetic.. i wouldnt suggest living here its not a great place..
"Yo bro, leggo to Walmart!"
by antiochsuckks January 18, 2013
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A town in Illinois that boasts a great football team, only to learn that they are all just a bunch of ass spelunkers, salad shooters, Hershey highway patrolmen, and the sorts
-Dude, Antioch's football team sent Vernon Hills's football team a bunch of black roses for the game tonight
-What Fags!
by Antioch Sucks 4 August 23, 2009
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being opposed to an "och"
"Is she antioch or pro och?"
by Anonymous October 31, 2003
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