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The best suburban city in Contra Costa County, part of the "925" and also known as Yoch and Anti-Yoch. Antioch's dramatic increase of African-American residents from Oakland and San Francisco has led Antioch to be affectionately nicknamed "New Oakland" but all Antioch residents know Antioch is 5,672,489,762,489 times better than Oakland could ever be. Home of Deer Valley High, and another lame high school called Antioch High. The students who attend the middle schools are all sluts and potheads, but Antioch can still get hyphy and be as ridiculous as any other major city. 94531/94509 are it's two zip codes.
Let's chill at the skate park afterschool.
Is that in Antioch?
Duh, across from Deer Valley, nigga.
by Yadiggamajig925? June 24, 2006

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