OMG!! This 'Antioch' fag has signed on as 4 different people! WTF?
by Ghost Freeman October 29, 2003
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A Catholic church retreat centered around refocusing and gaining faith.
The retreat is directed mostly towards young adults and teens and aims to bring them back to the church and inspire them to be better people with better morals and treatment towards others.
Often a lifechanging experience.
The Antioch retreat really opened my eyes towards how awesome church really can be.
by BMI June 18, 2005
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A place where people get sucked into telling other people things that are none of their business to supposedly "feel better" about themselves, and by divulging said secrets that are by no means supposed to be told to anyone for embarressment prevention reasons, are supposedly to feel as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. To do this bullshit, waste every fucking Sunday night and piss off your friends costs you 50 bucks a meeting.
I like to take it in the ass (both literally and figuratively) from Priests at Antioch, and then drink some animal blood after I feel better about myself by being a fuckbag.
by better than andy October 28, 2003
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