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The act of self gratification , while anxiously awaiting a sexual encounter , when you're just so horny that you can't wait to get off .
"When you just can't wait , Anticibate !"

"Anticibation , it's making me .........Fuck it! , I ain't waitin'.......!

"Bill just couldn't wait to get home from work , he knew he was getting laid when he got home , he was overwhelmed with such anticibation that he had to "rub one out" on the way home ."

"Jason was supposed to go out with Judy last night , but when I walked into the apartment , he was still there ........Anticibating ........ !!!!

"Sonya called me and said to meet her for dinner , but told me she would "make me" dessert . She said she was so excited that she was going to see me that she had to "crank one off" ........ she's such an anticibator ."

"I couldn't wait until she came over ...... I just had to anticibate !"
by JonBoy Walnut December 04, 2007
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