A band created by "Kai Hansen" who was the guitarist and vocalist for the German melodic power metal band "Helloween"...Helloweens best music was created when Kai Hansen was in the band...now he has moved his talent to Gamma Ray...A heavier Helloween...Who have songs about anything from...Illuminati, Space and Metal...Best Power Band Ever
"Andy Deris for Helloween...Nah...Kai Hansen in Gamma Ray...fuck yes"
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
A german band formed by former Helloween Vocalist/Guitarist "Kai Hansen". A Power Metal band whose lyrics are based on anything from Space , Heavy Metal and The Illuminati
by Steven December 4, 2004
Insanely cool yet destructive form of ionizing radiation.

Knocks the electrons right outta your atoms. And yeah, that's bad. Plays a key part in science fiction having to do with mutation attained by exposure to gamma radiation.

However, know that all it does is kill you. So don't go to Chernobyl expecting to turn into the Hulk.
Gamma rays are pretty awesome.

Like I said though, don't get the wrong idea.
by Mr.Sacman May 22, 2009
Lights that crawl up your arm when scanning it.
AHH! WTF those damn gamma rays are all over me!!!
by a nie/e ny November 13, 2007
Defecating after eating a habanero pepper and consuming a large quantity of dairy products when you are lactose intolerant.
"Why did you drink that much milk dude! You're lactose intolerant"
"Because the pepper was hot as fuck man!"
"Well you have fun with the gamma ray flamethrower on the toilet in a few hours"
by Ickycoffee April 6, 2017
Sun goes *boom and release gamma rays* gamma rays goes "weeeee" hits earth and life goes extinct. Moves at light speed.
1: "are those gamma-ray bursts?"

2: "IDK it moves at light speed"
by Smrtmn August 2, 2021