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The state of actuality at which a human being becomes the Antichrist of video games. A person with this condition has the innate ability that causes them to be extremely bad at video games, particularly FPS games. Anti-gamers are cursed, their hardest obstacle is their inability to hit the target.

"A man who's shots are forever destined to miss"
Gamer 1: "Damn Keegan you really missed every single shot? What are you, an Anti-gamer or something? Jesus."
Gamer 2: "I cannot believe it Keegan. Out of 40 shots, all of them hit the dirt. Any parent would be proud of you."
by fourthwall March 11, 2018
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Somebody who still refuses to accept that video games have become a major and defining element of our culture. The belief that only lonely, agoraphobic and pencil-necked geeks play computer games is an archaic stereotype, and Anti-gamers primarily believe only geeks and nerds spend their time playing video games. In reality, this is pretty much the same as saying "only sluts ever have sex". Today, everybody plays video and computer games; anti-gamers tend to show soccer-mum qualities and *really* need to wake up and get with the times.
Anti-gamer: "You play video games...? Man, you really need to get a fucking life."
Gamer: "So kickin-ass in Half-life 2, Splinter Cell, and a dozen other ass-kicking FPS with a massive ring of friends over Xbox-live or LAN parties makes me a geek? I think you need to follow your own advice about getting a life, pal. This isn't the 80s, anymore."

Anti-gamer: "Yeah, whatevs. I'm sure all your "friends" are geekish losers who can't get any sex so they spend all their time jerking off over Lara Croft's fake tits."
Gamer: "Uh-huh. I'm sure all your 'friends' are narrow-minded jocks and brainless preps who haven't realized that a large ring of friends playing over Xbox live, or something, is just another way for friends to hang out and enjoy each other's company."
by Alhadis March 29, 2005
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A "cool" person from the pre-www era who watched too much buffy, mtv or one of those other "cool" programs where the only l337 gamers are antisocial geeks. however, if the person got his ass out into the world a little more, he would be humbled and amazed by the incredible l337ness of the average gamer.
hi, i think i'm cool but i lack any modern social skills and still think that using a computer is uncool, even though most of my friends get their dates on an online dating site.
by shmusky March 31, 2005
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A person who refuses to play video games. A typical anti-gamer usually is an attractive female with an IQ below 90. Most anti-gamers do not have a viable reason to hate video games other than "They are immature" or "they are for nerds", and rarely have an excuse beyond that. When, in reality, video games are played by almost everyone in the 12-40 Age group.

Anti-gamers refuse to play video games also because they think they are too cool for it. This is to make up for their exceedingly low IQ. However, playing video games is considered cool in today's society.

Anti-gamers sometimes spin-off from retro-only gamers, which are usually female gamers who refuse to play any video game made past 1990.
"My friend cringed at me when I asked if she was going to get Dragon Quest VIII this fall!"
"What did she say?"
" 'Video games are uncool. You're totally immature!' "
"Wow, what an anti-gamer"
by Nobody in particulat May 29, 2005
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