A person who is ignorant and childish enough to risk their children's life by not vaccinating them because a satire news website said vaccines cause autism. That ignorant person also thinks the government controls google and uses it as an excuse for not finding reliable articles on this.
Anti Vaxx Mom: I'm anti vaxx because vaccines can cause autism.

Anti Vaxx Child: Mom, I don't feel so good...
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Anti vax are kids whos mom doesnt let them get vaccinated becuase they think it will give their kids autism
Anti vaxx kid: *becomes 4* Kid: *sneezes* anti vaxx kid: my time has come
by hollowsightedjacob February 21, 2019
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What happens when you spend 30 minutes on Wikipedia and believe that science is just a opinion.

Scientist: we have found a breakthrough that will cure diseases

Anti-vaxx: hold my beer
by lilasianspringroll June 18, 2019
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Someone thinks that they know the truth about vaccines however is highly retarded.
Usually a karen
Person 1: Hello I would like to talk today about the dangers of vaccines.
Person 2: Wow what a stupid anti-vaxxer.
by ghenkel October 9, 2019
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Anti-Vaxx Karen: I Got My IQ Tested Today

Her Friend: What Is It
Anti-Vaxx Karen: They Say Its -3,000, But I Know That's A Lie Because Professionals Said That's What My IQ Is, So It Must Be A Lie
by LeadedCashew316 June 27, 2019
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