A lovable girl. A born to be leader. Beautiful. Someone thay makes you smile with just one look . All the boys fall for her. She is caring and puts everyone before herself. She is loyal, kind and funny.
by Amy 2000 November 10, 2017
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Anke’s are known for their strange and rather funky personalities. They are usually cheesy, introverts and are drawn to the arts. Ankes go well with people with the names: Jenn, Maddie, Victoria, Katie, Logan and Livvy.
P 1: You should’ve seen Anke with her friends at school!
P 2: What do you mean?
P 1: Just the usual, telling crazy jokes and having strange outbursts.
by the cherry cherry chest June 23, 2018
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a beautiful girl who is creative and very outgoing. you’ll never be bored with her. she can do dumb stuff and be clumsy but hey!
-Woah that girls cute..oh fuck she just tripped..is she okay?

-yeah- she’s an Anke so she’s okay.
by cherry112 February 21, 2019
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1. (adj) thorough and to the point, no messing around, devoid of fuzzy bits and fluff

2. (verb) to understand something instantly especially its glaring weaknesses and contradictions
1."His explanation was anke. They wondered how they could have not seen it before."

2."She came in, had one look around and anke'd the situation."
by SarahLouisa February 04, 2010
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Look! There’s Anke! Isn’t she adorable?
-yeah., oh look she just tripped hahaha. dumb bitch.
by cherry112 February 21, 2019
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"Dude i'm naked." "Do you have socks on?" "Yeah." "You're anked."
by dynodave October 10, 2009
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The all seeing goddess of compassion. She is wise and sympathetic but she has a temper that you don’t want to test. Ank is kind but ank is not afraid to speak up! She has som unusual phobias but they don’t make her any less powerful. If you ever meet Ank do not let her go.
Person 1: Ank!! What’s up

Ank: bee boop badooke supa tika flur

Person 1: OMG THANK YOU!!
by 1crazydude May 31, 2020
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