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The Andromeda Alliance (AA) was forged around the 1970's Earth Years. In the Andromeda Galaxy, many nations came together to form a peace organization. The current members of AA are The Virgoæn Federation, Kingdom of Toguteria, Federal Republic of Bortron, Bortrovian System, Mushroom Kingdom, Kingdom of Hyrule, Koopa's Republic, Navoria, N64's, Dr.A's Empire, Pokkén Regions, Dionysus, Antonius Empire, Gerudo Empire, Goron Federation, Zora Kingdom, Republic of Nisa, Republic of Dæsaan, Republic of Oræsaan, Republic of Krævaan, Republic of Væsaan, Republic of Tœshaan, and the Royal Empire of Rœvaan. More members may join in the future, this as of 2021 A.D. Earth Years.
The Andromeda Alliance helps us solve our issues without War.
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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The Animatronic War lasted from 2013-2019 A.D. Earth Years. With extraterrestrial diplomacy on Earth, Tronics were found to be making bases in Russia and underground factories all over the world. Battles would happen over galaxies, but the war got hot when Vestroia gave them Russia as a proxy state. He then also gave them territory on Earth 2, which lead to the Great CL Evacuation. The war eventually ended after countless POW rescues and other battles when General Freddy surrendered. But a new war would emerge in his search for a Dimensional Ripping Scythe.
The Animatronic War was horrid.
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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The CL Empire is a super advanced civilization from the planet Nanothuama. They are the Nanon race and part of the Andromeda Alliance.
The CL Empire is the most technologically advanced alien civilization I have seen!!
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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The N64's is a nation owned by Pokémon. They are part of the Andromeda Alliance and are smarter than the average Pokémon.
The N64's is Floating in the Sky!?
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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Originally a term for your sus brother.

A nickname for anyone being sus.
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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The lord of all Sus.

A rank up from Susbro
▪︎Man he's such a Susbro

▪︎Nah man, he's a Suslord!
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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One of the 6 relics wanted by the Realm Keeper. This Multidimensional Object is viewed as a Cube to the naked eye of 3rd dimensional beings. It is used to power all warp pianos and devices, with it you can shift your reality or teleport through space with short time.
Where's that Merge Cube.
by Gottüberallesπ April 1, 2021
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