1. A state of mind that tears you apart and leaves you in peaces only to then crush you as you struggle to reasemble.

2. A twisted feeling of distress that makes you feel trapped in your own insanity.

3. When your mind is shattered and you have no were to run or escape your madness.

4. To feel as if you've been stripped away of your identity.

5. Heartbroken to the point of wanting to self destruct.
How unfortunate you fell in love again ... have fun suffering through anguish for the next 2 years
by Excusemewtf June 29, 2019
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when you feel like you have no words to describe your tormented psyche and only copious amounts of gin, chocolate and bacon cheese bacon curly fries can blot the black mark on your heart.
The feeling of anguish you get when you realize your boyfriend who wrote you sonnets and took you on romantic dinners and courted you for months on end is really a cold blooded maniac who refers to his ex girlfriend as a crazy stalker but is still dating her and YOU.
The anguish you experience when you believe his lies and then see a photo of him standing at a black tie ball with said crazy girlfriend the same night he came home and told you he hadnt seen her in months and adored you
by Christabele April 28, 2009
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When someone leaves you on read or opened for 5 months, blocks you, and then gets a new phone, and then constantly changes your friendship status with them. Or when someone causes severe mental or physical pain to someone
"Ezekiel is causing me anguish"
by TheRealAvacado October 15, 2019
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1. A complete and utter state of suffering.

2. Hurt so severe that desperation for relief immediately ensues.

3. The feeling of extreme pain that is produced when the man you love figuratively rips your heart out
Finding out the love of your life is a sadistic sociopath and a pathological liar who has been cheating on you for months.

Getting dumped by the love of your life.

Stuffing your face until you're virtually comatose because your man doesn't want you anymore and probably never did.

"I found myself in a state of complete anguish, when I discovered that my boyfriend was cheating on me."
by Yas77 July 31, 2006
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1.An emotion of negative intent. Anguish is something that lives, growing inside the human body and surviving by sapping all strength and will power from the prey.

2. Anguish is defined by the loss of my mother who was only forty-six, gone unexpectedly, tearing me in two the morning of.

3.A terrible gift to give others. I had to give it to my Nana, my mother's mother. I had to tell my Dad too. I didnt want to give it.

4. Something that can be beaten on some days, but always comes back strong.

5. Something one who grieves has to live with forever more.
Jenni cannot stand the anguish anymore.

The anguish of losing Mom too soon is unbearable.

Jenni can beat the anguish. one day.
by missyoutlf August 26, 2008
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1.Taking a dump after eating hot peppers.
2.Red swollen hemmeroids due to too much mexican food.
Dude this jalapeno dump has got me in some serious Anal Anguish.
by Faded Death February 1, 2009
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AKA. Oral, Rectal, and Vaginal Pear.

A torture device shaped like a pear; had four segments which opened and closed at the turn of a screw at the top, like a flower opening its petals.

This torture gadget was inserted into the mouths or heretics, blasphemers, disturbers of the peace...

Or into the rectums of people convicted of sodomy. Homosexual men were especially vulnerable to this...

Or into the vaginas of women convicted of adultery or "sexual realtionships with Satan".

Often, the ends of the pear's segments were fitted with sharp tines, designed to rip into the throat, intestines, or cervix.

What ever cavity that the pear entered would face a range of things, from a slight expansion of the pear's segments and discomfort for the victim, up to total expansion and unrepairable (and very painful) mutilation of the cavity.
The pear of anguish... a little torture contraption that does major damage
by Lorelili March 25, 2005
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