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Intelligent and caring. Can be stubborn at times but has a great heart. Is good with money. Saves so he can splurge on something he really likes.
Do you know Andruw?
Yes. He's a really good guy.
by Yoyoyo...whatsup June 02, 2017
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An Andruw is a sweet, funny, and caring; who will always be your no.1 supporter. He's good with his hands, honest, dedicated, and disciplined, but he is also very smart without even knowing it. Andruws work hard in everything for anything they love and will never disappoint. He provides satisfying attention and will always go out of his way to make the ones he loves happy. Andruws give great advice and have a very positive attitude and are very fun to be around
Ryan:I'm feeling down , I might call andruw.
by T-rex0110 May 21, 2018
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