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A school where the students enjoy jizzing on cookies and force innocent freshman to eat them. Andover high jokes are very common in the New England area now. Such references as "Ookie Cookie" and "Soggy Cookie" are very common.
"I hear Andover high is serving Double-stuffed oreos now"
by longschlongmcgangbang December 10, 2011
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A public high school in MA which contains multitudes of students with far too much time on their hands. Nearly every single one of these Andover High students applied ot the prestigious prep school Phillips Academy-which is ust up the road- but did not get in. These students lack any talent or ability, and then spend their Saturday nights driving up and down Main Street taunting Phillips Academy students because they are jealous and bored. A favorite means of harassment for Andover High students is to open their windows and either throw something (i.e. pumpkins, eggs) or scream. The favorite taunt is, "catboner". Catboner remains undefined and no one (including the Andover High students knows what it means).
Person A: Wow, did you hear that Andover High student just yell 'catboner' out the window?

Person B: I sure did. Those kids and there meaningless taunts are exact proof of our wasted tax money.

Person A: I know, if only they had been smart or interesting enough to go to Phillips Academy...
by Amanda1234124 June 14, 2007
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public school in a gay rich town in MA. at least it's free
catboner: Luckily I got through four years of high school without learning any social skills. Phew!
andover high student: Didn't you pay $120,000 to go to PA?
catboner: Yup! Now I'm going to UMiami.
by bldkd July 15, 2010
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