A school where the students enjoy jizzing on cookies and force innocent freshman to eat them. Andover high jokes are very common in the New England area now. Such references as "Ookie Cookie" and "Soggy Cookie" are very common.
"I hear Andover high is serving Double-stuffed oreos now"
by longschlongmcgangbang December 10, 2011
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Andover is a small town located in Minnesota, The high school has been nick named the “rich kids, also very similar to andover high in massachusetts we also have a absent amount of black students and our main rival is Anoka,but in reality we are the real A town. from rich parents with millions of money,andover has lots of loaded kids with money to blow on expensive clothes shoes bags and anything designer. Andover is considered the Princeton of anoka hennepin, with it’s new 50 million renovation our school will still be the grand school beating anokas prison walls and coon rapids mini office looking high school, and blaine’s copycat version of anoka high, The kids here fall into a few categories and if you don’t fall into a clique your usually irrelevant, there are different types of popular people ranging from jocks to druggies. Many transfer students come in taxis to school,some from group homes who usually leave in less than a year,because they probably cannot keep up with the extensive style of the Andover kids. Take one of these kids to Anoka High and they’ll have there ass handed to them, in andover they have money popularity and a clique,take them to a new school and they’ll have nothing. point is,only go to andover if your rich. Most kids like to join after school activitys instead of getting drunk or high on a weekend.
“Dude did you see Her new car?”
No dude i havnt,what car is it?”
“it’s a Mercedes
“oh she must be from andover high
by jerimyajenkinglyn May 18, 2019
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A public high school in MA which contains multitudes of students with far too much time on their hands. Nearly every single one of these Andover High students applied ot the prestigious prep school Phillips Academy-which is ust up the road- but did not get in. These students lack any talent or ability, and then spend their Saturday nights driving up and down Main Street taunting Phillips Academy students because they are jealous and bored. A favorite means of harassment for Andover High students is to open their windows and either throw something (i.e. pumpkins, eggs) or scream. The favorite taunt is, "catboner". Catboner remains undefined and no one (including the Andover High students knows what it means).
Person A: Wow, did you hear that Andover High student just yell 'catboner' out the window?

Person B: I sure did. Those kids and there meaningless taunts are exact proof of our wasted tax money.

Person A: I know, if only they had been smart or interesting enough to go to Phillips Academy...
by Amanda1234124 June 14, 2007
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public school in a gay rich town in MA. at least it's free
catboner: Luckily I got through four years of high school without learning any social skills. Phew!
andover high student: Didn't you pay $120,000 to go to PA?
catboner: Yup! Now I'm going to UMiami.
by bldkd July 15, 2010
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A school located in Essex County MA, filled with complete jerks. There is an ever-present bad vibe from a majority of the students. Glares between students and cliques are often exchanged. The slutty popular kids supposedly "rage" on weekends and afterwards brag about their "awesome" time by posting pictures on facebook. Not to mention you could be literally having a heart attack in the middle of the hall and they would not assist you. The "jocks" and "laxbros" act so tough and stroll through the halls like they are gods, but take one to Lawrence and their ass will be handed to them. Although the parking lot is filled with BMWS, Jeeps, and Audis, everyone seems to want more. If you aren't extremely rich here then you are labeled as poor and unaccepted. There are also a lot of annoying asians and nerds who hang out together try way too hard. The athletics for the most part are awful and are chosen politically, not based on skills. For the few normal people who go there, everyday is a horrible time. In general, about 90% of the school only cares about themselves and promoting their reputation when in reality they are truly just conceited, unfriendly cowards.
"Oh she's driving a Mercedes convertible and wearing the latest fashion, must be from Andover High School."
"I'm like so cool! Don't talk to me if you aren't popular!" -basic Andover High school kid
by AHSEAGLES September 10, 2012
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This is a horrible place. Although this so called prestigious school has been awarded with various awards, it is filled with many problems. Cocaine and prescription drugs are rampant. Most believe that even the best students are hooked on painkillers and snort lines of coke at their home.

The faculty is very liberal. Filled with teachers who wept during the hearings for the Auto Companies, the few good men and women who work here are outnumbered. The gay community is tolerated and accepted, and homosexuality is not looked at in a negative way most of the time.

Older teachers are believed too, by many, have inappropriate feelings towards the females, due to the way they look at them.

The students at Andover are horrible. All the guys think they are the toughest there, but drop one of them in Detroit and see how he runs crying to his mom like a sad little girl.

Most girls try to be whores. They believe that they will be respected because they can perform sexual acts on guys who are simnply using them.
John Smith: "Dude, I will knock you out!"
John Doe: "Dude, I am eighty times tougher, I am the toughest guy at Andover High School"
by jcostello122 February 06, 2009
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The only public high school in the town of North Andover. Huge school, really nice, brand new (built it in 2004). Generally filled with a bunch of twats that like to get drunk and then post about it all over Twitter and Tumblr. Most girls are under the false impression that because they post on Tumblr they're fuckin champions.

Sports teams are really good, especially football and wrestling. Most kids that compete in either of those two sports are total meatheads so going to NAHS fares well for them. Not as bad as Lawrence high schools.
Kid 1: Yeah I smoke weed but I got into a good college and am getting good grades, just like most of the kids that come out of North Andover High School.
by jim dingle October 31, 2011
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