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Medium-sized upper middle class suburban Massachusetts town 30 miles North of Boston,located in Essex County. Used to be fairly historical, rural and working class- a former "poor man's Andover". Recent slash and burn developments have changed its face. It is known for having youths who throw awesome ragers at their parents' Mcmansions, since the parents are perpetually on vacation and don't give a shit about their little brats. North Andover youths typically are of above average intelligence and have lots of financial resources, but typically throw it all way on beer, heroin, and LSD during the high school years. They tend to listen to jam bands and crappy classic rock on WZLX. Typically they shoot for ZooMass but end up not even finishing out a semester at NECCo. Frequent hang-out spots include dumps like Denny's, Dunkin' Donuts, Harrison's Roast Beef, The 99, The Loft, Rolph's Tavern, The Frosty Mug, The Claddaugh Pub, and The Beijing.
Hey, you are meaning to tell me that the washed-up hippy kid drop-out working at Harrison's Roast Beef is the son of a Fidelity executive and that hot-ass MILF? He must be from North Andover then.
by JWR III December 04, 2005
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North Andover is a pretty boring town, if you're a teenager there's pretty much nothing to do besides go downtown, and thats boring as shit. And you can also go to the youth center, thats probably the most boring place iv ever been to. This town is filled with pot heads, Mostly every kid at The high school. you'll find these kids smoking pot at the over pass, the bridge behind mcdonalds, the park, and many other places. It's also filled with rich bitches. You can find this rich bitches out in the "boonies" as we call it. The "boonies" means in the middle of fucking no where. These houses are around smolacks farm or sargent. Lets talk about North Andover middle school shall we? North Andover middle school is filled with a bunch of immature fucks. Most of the girls wear short shorts that show their ass and low cut shirts that everyone can see their boobs. And all the boys drool all over them and try to have sex with them. The boys wear the same thing everyday, shorts, nike shoes and some nike shirt that says "dont sweat my swag" or "money is my game" and other gay ass sayings. The kids at this school are brutal. And I mean BRUTAL. Your either popular or a loser. That's how this school is. No one gives a shit about who you are or how you feel. So if your planning to move here? Find somewhere else and save yourself from this poor excuse of a town.
Typical North Andover boy: "Oh dude look at her tits! Isn't she hot??? "Yeah you can see right through her shirt!" "She came over to me today and let me touch her tits and she even kissed her friend infront of me!!" "awesome"
by Nunyabusinesskid May 08, 2013
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North Andover is a rich ass town with two kinds of people in it. Either you're rich and don't appreciate it or you struggle to afford even fitting in at the public schools. Girls say either say they are sluts, but aren't really or they say they are the most innocent person ever and wear short shots and try to get with every guy. Guys are super bored with their lives and do something to themselves that will get other people's attention. And anybody who can actually afford a car gets cars that look way better than the teachers' cars in high school. There's also 2 types of people in North Andover. You're either really innocent and don't know shit about the real world or you know EVERYTHING and waste your knowledge on asking for certain pictures on snap chat and smoking cocaine. Also the people who are rich are best friends with EVERY teacher at school and always get good grades and the people who are average or less with money are not liked by the teachers and get average grades and have average everything.
Me-"what town do you live in?"
Person- "Lawrence, you?"
Me-"North Andover."
Person-"Oh that's a rich town."
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A town full of little rich kids constantly competing to who has the worst life. They tend to live off attention and immaturity.
The typical North Andover conversation: "Oh my god she said this about her and she saw him doing this and I swear she said that he told his aunt that he did this."
by -The rest of the world February 02, 2011
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First off, the person who wrote the other definition is just a big fatass girl that labels people. And you didn't even discribe the town, you discribed the people in it and you're a hipocrite because you said you hated when the girls drank but you do to. And the boys don't like you because you're a fat pizza faced druggie.

Here is what North Andover is like in the eyes of someone who has a chance in life. North Andover is a great town to live in. Yes there are some people that do drugs and other things, but thats not the point, past all that North Andover is a great town with great people. Just getting along is just one thing you need to do.

One more time, don't read the other definition because that person has an I.Q. of -40
"Hey have you heard about North Andover?"

"Yea it's a great town to live in!"
by Thatkidfromthistown August 24, 2009
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Why are people hatin' on North Andover for getting fucked up every weekend? I love getting fucked up every weekend.
Hey bro , what you doing this weekend?

Headin' to North Andover to get fucked up!
by Titalus November 02, 2010
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A small town in north-eastern Massachusetts. There is only one public high school, good old NAHS, so you'll probably end up going there. It's a pretty sick school, it's new and big. NAHS is famous world-wide for the recent pot brownies incident which shut down the junior prom. North Andover is a pretty boring town, if you're a teenager there's pretty much nothing to do except go to parties every weekend. The people in North Andover are generally rich, so parents usually go away on vacations to Costa Rica or the Bahamas, leaving their bratty little kids to throw ragers while they're gone.

The kids in North Andover are generally alright, but you have your groups: annoying middle-schoolers, freshman, hoes, ghetto kids, asians, sheltered girls, druggies, jocks, popular girls, trashy girls, popular guys (usually the jocks), sexually active GSA (gay-straight alliance) group, and the edgy kids.
person 1: "Hey what town was on the news for the pot brownies again?"

person 2: "North Andover, duhh!"

person 1: "Of course it's North Andover!!"
by asdfghjkl33 April 10, 2011
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