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anay a drop dead beautiful girl that is very independent. shes unique and down for her shit. she can be the sweetest girl you know or the biggest bitch in your life. once you meet her your life will become 1000 times better. she has a body of an hourglass and a face of an angel. she has a little waist and a nice ass. shes a keeper, once she walks into a room its all eyes on her. she may come off as being complicated but in the end its all worth it.she could give two fucks about people that talk shit shes way too good for that. don't test her patience because she will kick your ass. shes someone you can vent to and someone with great advice. you will never meet someone like her in your life. shes truly genuine. she has the most amazing eyes and voice. shes multitalented and she strives for success. most loyal and faithful piece of ass you will have in your life. she is a dime plus 99 you wont get enough of this girl. she tends to be unconfident and bipolar but is very ruthless to many people be happy if she speaks to you, basically anay is the most amazing person you will ever meet!
Anay is a girl thats a hot fuckgirl amd uses her beauty to lead on guys
by Prmarcos55 March 17, 2017
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A backstabbing bitch that seems to be interested in other peoples business rather than her own and looks like a man.
"you see that girl a nay? yeah shes a backstabbing hoe."
by purplecloud456 March 01, 2017
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