So Tough and Fast
A guy ran a so fast and was so tough that he Carried 200 LBS his name is Amid
by Wrod March 14, 2017
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An organic functional group similar to amine, except a carbonyl is next to it. (Its formula is RC(O) NR2)
However, amide is very different to amines due to the delocolization of the lone pair to oxygen. This makes amides unreactive.
by chemguide August 10, 2019
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Amidable. Means general pleasantness, coupled with a constant maintenance of niceitys and a reasonable attitude at all times. One who is amidable is generally nice to be around and make friends easily.
"My friend is so "Amidable", he allways helps me out whenever he can, and is allways so pleasant to be around."
by DryGirl June 13, 2009
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The stack of beer cans that inevitably end up in the shape of a pyramid after/during a long night of drinking. Architecture usually becomes unstable at some point and collapses.
Phil: That asshole knocked over our beer-amid! You realize we've been working on this all night, eh?
by taco_dog November 19, 2009
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A pyramid made with a completed 30 pack
Let's build a beeramid so the king of beer town has a home
by Gary July 09, 2003
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Commonly confused with LSA, Lysergic Acid Amide(s) are a group of drugs, not a specific drug.
I Enjoy LSD, which is a lysergic acid amide.
by PeoplesMind October 03, 2003
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