1 definition by LoveJonathan

Amethyst is the type of girl you dream about. She's beautiful, smart, sweet, caring, loving, and can brighten your whole day in a moments time. Amethyst is shy at first, but once you get to know her she's a really outgoing person and a ton of fun to be around. If you ever get the chance to have a girl like amethyst don't let her go because you'll regret it forever. Seeing Amethyst is almost impossible to not fall in love with her or adore and admire her. She is gorgeous in every way, shape and form especially with her adorable smile, and the cutest laugh you've ever heard. She doesn't know how perfect she is, but you love telling her every second of the day. She's also kind, hard working, and has herself together very well even when things seem to be at a low. Amethyst is the best girl you will ever have in life. Dating a woman like Amethyst will make you want to fall in love, and you will want to stay forever. She has the type of face you could stare at for hours on end and not get tired of the admiration. Nobody else on earth can compare to such a woman. It's impossible! She is a great friend and a even greater girlfriend to have if you are lucky enough to get the chance. If you do get that chance tho, TAKE IT. Put a ring on it and never let go! You’ll have no regrets
by LoveJonathan January 26, 2022