A person/user who shitposts memes and makes funny jokes. He is fit and above 6' in height. Has a lot of sex with women and men.
Our Manager is an Amethyst!
by poisonson January 20, 2022
"Amethyst Ocean" is the fan nickname for the Danny/Sam coupling in the popular TV show Danny Phantom.

While this is the most popular pairing in the show, there are also others, Swallow Sapphire for the uncommon Danny/Paulina fan base, and Gray Ghost for Danny/Valerie fans.

Fans of this pairing now call the episode 'Double Cross my Heart,' and Tucker saying Sam liked Danny in 'Reality Trip' proof of the pair.

But, being as clueless as Danny is, they resort to fan fictions and fan art of the two finally coming together.

Each shipper to their pairing
Each pairing to their show
May there be many fanfics
So all the world will know
You love your ship very much
and hope for it to grow.
Amethyst Ocean seen in:

Parental Bonding-- Slight
Shades of Gray-- Fake-out Make-out
Fanning the Flames-- Lots
Lucky in Love-- Jealousy
Control Freaks-- Minimum
Memory Blank-- Fake-out Make-out #2
Flirting with Disaster-- Jealousy
Beauty Marked-- A great amount
Masters of All Time-- Almost confession
Double Cross my Heart-- Major jealousy and slight confession
Reality Trip-- slight
by Shipper Anon. August 5, 2006
The actual person named Amethyst Crystal, you should meet her she's crazy!
by AC herself May 31, 2009
Featuring traces of nebula particles, Kozumikku Amethyst (コズミック Amethyst©) is the rarest shade of purple that the human eye can process. It is believed to present an unexplainable amount of detail and depth to a degree unknown to man. Little to any information about this shade of purple is known due to the creator being the only known person to understand the complexity of this shade claiming "It's just from SPACE".
When it comes to some of the nicest automotive paint options for a car, ones that come to mind are Millennium Jade, Midnight Purple, Montego Blue, Competition Yellow Mica, Black Cherry Mica, Crystal White, the most revered has to be KOZUMIKKU AMEHTYST. Kozumikku Amethyst is one of the rarest shades of purple in existence.
by The SPACEBOY January 4, 2023
1) the title of a sexy tech-house track by MRI
2) an especially sexually magnetic couple
- "You see those two over there?"

- "Yeah, so?"

- "Look how they're looking at each other. They be straight Amethyst Pop Stars."

- "Yeah, like get a room"
by zzidane June 19, 2010