An american version of rugby.

Should be renamed as "soft rugby".

The biggest difference to it's original version is that forward passing is allowed and the players wear a ton of pads on them.

A game of american football usually consists of two teams of overweight guys bumping against each other for about five seconds and then standing around and puffing for the next five minutes. This goes on and on untill the game ends.

American football is very popular in the US, but the rest of the world couldn't care less about it.
- Well, you're not very good at sports Johnny. But hey, don't worry about it, you can always start playing american football.
by horroroso December 23, 2003
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Misconseptions about football:

1) The word football is used because in the late 1800's, the only ran the ball with there feet

2)The game was introduced to Americans by europeans. Touchdowns were one point. The Europeans, called it football.

3) Pads MAKE THE GAME TOUGHER than Rugby. Don't give me that "Rugby for Girls" shit. Have you played, or seen a game? No.

4) Tackles hurt like hell. A text-book tackle is to get low. Use leg pads to push forword, get the shoulder pads to the stamach, wrap your arms around the opposing player, and take your Helmet and put it under the opposing players chin and deliver a blow.

5) The game started out without pads. It did not catch on, as many americans saw how similar it is to Rugby. After pads were put in, Americans forgot all about Rugby.

6) The reason the rest of the world dosn't care about American Football, is because the rest of the world have no idea what American Football is. Austraila, Canada, and Germany all love football because THEY KNOW WHAT IT IS.

7) America is the third most populated country in the world. America is the only country having all Big Five sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer) In america, Football is the most popular and beloved sport. In America, Soccer is considered a children's sport and is the least popular and least beloved sport. Therfour, if the whole world had America's sports, soccer would be the fourth most beloved as in America.

8) America has a right to say soccer sucks, because we PLAY soccer. Most of Europe does not play Football nor know the rules, so they DON'T have a right to say football sucks.

9) I have seen a rugby, soccer, and Football game, infact, I've seen many. I've seen a full Rugby game at the ESPN zone, I've seen multiple soccer games during the world cup, and I've seen many football games during the fall of course. Football is the best by far.

10) Football is extremely fast-paced. They don't treansition to commercial ever 5 minutes, Nor do they stop playing ever 5 seconds. Stop your ignorance, if you ever had watched a game you would know how great it is.

11) Football is very physically demanding, and it does take athletic skill. The Querterback position in football requirse you to be smart, Defensive end position requires you to be strong and fast, WR's requires you to be fast and catch well, RB's requires you to be strong, fast, catch, and have good instincs, Offensive lineman requires you to be strong, Tight End requires you to be strong and catch well, it goes on and on.

12) Football isn't a "bunch of fatties running into each other" Can you read a zone defence, create smart audibles to counteract them, and tell the blitz? Can you find a hole and create a cut and still fend off 335 lb. (That is 152 kilograms if I'm not mistakin) Lineman from tackling you? No

13) Football players are not even fat. 4% body fat mean anything to you? If I'm not mistakin, that is 96% muscle.

14) Rugby players are a lot smaller than football players.

15) Weight in Football players very. A WR ususally are 180 LB. (70 kg I think) and pretty skinny, While the Linebackers are 335 lb. (See number 12) and very strong. Not all are 300 lb. monstors while not all of them or skinny little twigs.

16) The term soccer, was created by EUROPEANS. So stop your bitchin'! We didn't make up the name!
American: Well, I kind of like the Cardinals this year, they have improved there offence bettering their O-Line and QB core, but the Cowboys are looking good with Terrell Owens....

European: American Football sucks

American: Oh, so you watch it to?

EuropeanL No, I don't get it on telivision.

American: Oh, so you can't watch the NFL?

European: What the hell is the NFL?
by Spikesy July 16, 2006
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A sport similar in origin to Rugby. As an American, I've played both, and they're both good sports. Football is a complicated game, but here are some examples of rules:

11 men on the field at a time (on offense, you need at least 7 people on the line of scrimmage, and a Quarterback to receive the snap to start every play).
Players on offense are broken down into many positions, the main ones are Quarterback, Running back, Full back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Tackle, Guard, Center.
Players on defense are broken down into 3 levels, Linemen, Linebackers, Defensive Backs. Lineman normally consist of Ends and Tackles. Linebackers usually consist of Inside and Outside Linebackers. Defensive backs usually consist of Cornerbacks and Safeties.
Teams also use kickers and punters on special teams.
The object of football is to advance the ball downfield by passing and running.
There are multiple ways to score, touchdowns (6 points), Point After Conversions (1 point), 2-point conversions (2 points), Field Goals (3 points), and Safeties (2 points).
A touchdown occurs when the ball is advanced to the endzone. After this, a team can elect to kick a point after conversion, or run a play from 2 yards out to try to pick up 2 points.
A Field Goal occurs when a team kicks the ball through the uprights.
A Safety occurs when the defensive team tackles the ball carrier inside their own endzone.
The field is 100 yards long.
The current World Champs are the New England Patriots, though the Indianapolis Colts look the strongest thus far in the season.
Tom Brady is an American Football player, David Beckham is a soccer player.
by BentleyRugby October 28, 2005
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the best damn sport ever invented... for all you europeans making football sound so easy i would love to see yalls ass on that field and in that wieght room year around trying to get ready for football season and we wear pads cause we're so damn strong and so fast we'd die from hittin so hard so shut the fuck up damn europeans
jimmy: hey man lets go play some rugby.

corey: hell no dude rugbys for smelly europeans who like huggin each other the game, lets play some good ole american football.
by bobby buschay July 29, 2010
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The Americans hadn't invented a sport yet that they could call their own. THey stole Britain's "football" (a game where you kick around a ball) and used their hands instead because they didn't know how to use feet in the olden days. They then stole rounders (another English game) and called it baseball.... what??
I hate American Football because I am cynical.
by Matt Bellamy April 21, 2004
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Grown men who think they are cool because they weigh 300 pounds, dressed in tights, jumping on top of each other, trying to get football through two posts.
Person 1: Man, lets watch some American Football!
person 2: No, those are just idiots dressed in tights. Lets watch some soccer instead.
by circular orbiting sphere February 07, 2010
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Huge blokes running around in tights with a shitload of armor.

The pads are apprently used to protect 300 lb men from 300 lb men. Seems silly really. Whats the difference between that and a 200lb men hitting 200lb men. They seem to pull it off downunder in that AFL game and rugby.

Somehow named "Football" when the entire game consists of throwing and tackling with the occasional "Foot to ball" contact.

Game follows a distinct pattern. "4 seconds of gameplay, 30 seconds of ads, 20 seconds of commentators rambling crap... 4 seconds of gameplay" etc etc etc

Seems to collect large crowds of men who would rather watch big men in tights then spend some time having fun with their family.
"Wow did you see that awesome sequence of ads the other day, swear i caught a climpse of men in tights"

"I could help my son with his school project that means something, instead im going to go to "The Game" and drink my self silly with other men who prefer to be away from their loved ones"

"Wow, American Football is very cool, ask Miley Cyrus"
by McLovin/Squeak November 01, 2009
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