Often misdefined as a country, it is actually TWO CONTINENTS. The United States of America is the country.
Peruvians, Canadians, and Mexicans are all from America.
by Cassidy Peterson January 21, 2004
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50% niggers, 10% mexicans that learn to swim, 20% hicks and 20% rednecks. The children are yolosweg and cool kid (click the links)
American: *picks cotton*
Guy: Whoa whoa, you'd better pick cotton faster because the cracker is coming.

American kid: *stands near wall and listens to heavy metal nodding head or whatever hes fucking doing there*
Guy: Hey kid i heard you got that 11 year old girl pregnant
American kid: Ya man but hey YOLO
by iRock2u November 24, 2014
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is full of fat hahahahahhahahahahahahahah. geez it's called healthy eating. AMERICAN OBESITY EPIDEMIC LOL SUCKED IN
eat salad
drink water
stop snacking on maccas
get a life
there is more to eating
american: hey fattyboomsticks want another cream cake?
by america is fat yay May 23, 2008
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If the niggas hate then let 'em hate

Watch the money pile up
Gman : 50 Knew what he was talking about

by Gman2255 April 20, 2010
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A place a lot of other countries hate, but when needed they turn to for help. Many other countries' problems are blamed on America unfairly, even though the U.S. creates more problems than solutions. It is un-liked by many countries. It is a country of freedom, promise, hope, and love. They may have problems, but overall they truly care for each other. Also, many other countries make fun of them for being fat.
Person 1: I want to move to America.
Person 2: Good idea! I love it there!
by Kaligal July 10, 2012
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Annoying ass country that isnt happy unless its ramming its politics down the throat of everyone on the Internet, because its so fucking important that everyone in the world knows minor drivel like some senator passes a bathroom bill.
I dont care about Trump or America I live in Scotland. Its nothing to do with me.
by Goth Doll March 12, 2017
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