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A smart and nice girl, Who is always there to help out her friends. A good person who give you the best advice. Someone who fixs your problems and always does whats best. Adores cats and has a thing for teddy bears and soft toys.
OMG she is such an Ameerah!
by randomnonsense April 01, 2011
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A nice, funny girl, who is always there for her friends and gives great advice. She loves to socialise and has a soft spot for gerbils. She likes to help out at home, and watch CSI: Miami
You're such an Ameerah!
by giantwalkingdead February 22, 2015
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Ameerah a beautiful arabian name witch means princess and a goofy girl who can cook and has a lot of personality and can makes anybody's day. Ameerah is most likely a Virgo so will be stubborn but very intelligent,boys also adore Ameerah and want to be with her. Ameerah's most likely can sing,dance,run fast and be everything you want in a girl.
Ameerah is so pretty.
by Xjxndnfnfjfjcn June 22, 2017
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A sexy girl/women who everyone loves and you cant help it. Loads of boys chase after her, she is usually attracted to boys who are cute and there name usually starts with K . Once she likes someone she will become attached to them and will dream about them 24/7. She is usually a great singer, dancer ,actress. She has a soft spots for cats .
A sexy girl is walking past ,probably an Ameerah
by Erika123 May 27, 2018
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A nice, smart, and very pretty girl who is very funny and stands out alot. Although she may seem very social, she is very timid at times and it you hit the right spot you'll break her heart into a million pieces. She is also at times a little mean but then you'll find the funnyness in that meanness.
She adores, k drama,kpop, cute stuffies, puppies, and of coarse, her friends!
Wow, she's such an Ameerah!
She's so smart she's like an Ameerah!
by KawaiiCupcakes011 October 21, 2018
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A smart ass girl who isn’t afraid to check anyone. She’s aggressive and mean as fuck but her looks balance it out. She’s got a huge personality and is cute asf. Has a soft spot for dogs and cute bad boys. Outgoing and always getting into shit. Probaly believes in aliens and super powers. She’s always the center of attention and always in others peoples mouths. Definitely the girl to have anger issues and will snap on anyone and everything. A fighter and a lover. She’s the type of person you either love or hate instantly.
Girl 1: that girl was so quick to check that other girl on her bullshit right in front of everyone, she’s such an Ameerah
Girl 2: that girl likes every bad guy at this school, she’s probably an Ameerah
by Stoopid head November 19, 2018
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A smelly dirty child who doesn’t know where the shower is , probably smells like a rat
Wow that girl smells , probably an Ameerah
by Broooohhh January 11, 2019
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