An honest Civilian who was forced to endure the most brutal shit that no one could survive, being forced to watch every members of his family getting killed then tortured until death by the FBI
Friend : dude why are you crying ?
Me : i just remembered what happened to our friends Ambatukam
by QuandaleDinglefan July 8, 2022
Famous battle cry that was used by the Roman Empire in its battles against Carthago.
Carthaginians: Damn who tf are these people.
by Ambassing January 26, 2023
direct heir and relative to Yugonmakmibus, a man who endured the most tragic of losses and will forever be revered.
My cream production cannot be compared to that of the holy martyr, Ambatukam.
by yugonmakmibus January 14, 2023
A famous line said by dreamybull, where he uhh..y'know.
by V_IG0R April 19, 2022
A common phrase that is used by the British when they colonised Australia.
ambatukam ma bruddah
by poshi November 24, 2022
an inspiring man by the name of dreamybullxxx who fingers his penis and screams “AMBATUKAM OHHHHHH” some people want to cut his dick off to keep it as a trophy. He gets hard when looking at hentai.
Dreamybullxxx: ambatukam ohhhhhhhhhh

viewers: time to turn this cum blaster into a meme
by DreamyBullXXX is gay November 14, 2022
When youre about to cum and you well "AMBATUKAM"
by RayMainCharacter December 20, 2022