Famous battle cry that was used by the Roman Empire in its battles against Carthago.
Carthaginians: Damn who tf are these people.
by Ambassing January 26, 2023
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An honest Civilian who was forced to endure the most brutal shit that no one could survive, being forced to watch every members of his family getting killed then tortured until death by the FBI
Friend : dude why are you crying ?
Me : i just remembered what happened to our friends Ambatukam
by QuandaleDinglefan July 8, 2022
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Ambatukam is a famous war hero who fought in the Iraq invasion of 2003. He managed to earn several medals and gain the rank of Sargeant within his comrades.Tragically he was killed by a Black Ops team called "The thug hunters" on the 20th of April 2018.
Ambatukam!!!!-Ambatunat after finding out that his cousin died
by Yourgapplemomento May 2, 2023
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Ambatukam (Amn-bah-tuh-kahmn) was The name of a Egyptian queen who reigned over Egypt between 469 BC to 420 BC.
Ambatukam was the greatest known ruler of egypt
by Thy Informant May 13, 2023
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direct heir and relative to Yugonmakmibus, a man who endured the most tragic of losses and will forever be revered.
My cream production cannot be compared to that of the holy martyr, Ambatukam.
by yugonmakmibus January 14, 2023
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One of Dreamybulls many siblings that he lost, it was the last sibling dead before Dreamybull started being an Erotic Barber.
Ambatukam: Dies in car crash.
by |RIS| May 5, 2023
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A man that was killed by Tyrone in Detroit
He was shot seven times while groaning in pain. He tried to survive but couldn’t hold it as he was on critical and heavy bleeding. The gore existed in YouTube, and the blood was censored to white.
The troller community did a tribute of him, by putting his last video about his last emotional word before died in pain to every ZOOM meetings.
Breaking news, a man named Ambatukam was died on a murder, being shot seven times.
He has leaked footage aka his last video of him being killed. The original video was unavailable as it is to explicit and gory. The video is available once again but with censored features on it. Back into the topic, the killer Tyrone, has been sentenced in prison 50 years being transferred to Alcatraz for first degree murder. It is official decided by Detroit’s court room. Tyrone’s motivation to kill Ambatukam remains unknown to this day. Ambatukam’s death imbued troller community to make a tribute of him. They contribute it by spreading his last video to every ZOOM meetings.

By to appreciate his service, he was veteran soldier who earns achievements and badges when he is on service. He participate, in UN peacekeeping mission, Afghanistan war and Probably WW3. He saw a lot of his death friends, having a severe PTSD that day, and mentally crazy. He always shout,”Ambasing!!!” Or “Ambatunat…” and etc… After retirement he then helps people as a civilian.

To this day, we have to honour a man he serve his country as a soldier and a civilian…

Now, we can get back to next headlines and news.
by ြြြ April 19, 2023
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