Amazon echo It’s a round circular object that is used for skeet shooting preferably with a 12 gauge shotgun or larger caliber rifle
I'm taking my Amazon echo out to Target practice with my 12 guage.
by Holymbush September 21, 2018
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1) A mediocre speaker with a POS smart assistant that absolutely sucks at responding to your commands. Very often misinterprets everything you say even when speaking in a normal voice, let alone when speaking quietly.

2) A dumb irritating person that you have to stick with on a long-term basis.
1) "Alexa, turn on the bedroom light"
"Sorry, I couldn't find a device named bedroom lamp"

"Alexa, turn the light strips to six"
"Got it, turning off all the lights"
"fuck off"

2) "Why so pissed?"
"I have an Amazon echo in my bedroom, go figure."
by UwUltimateDoge May 16, 2021
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Ask amazon echo to call the police. Nothing bad happens its really cool.its a secret don't tell anyone though
Amazon echo
by Mynanleftme February 19, 2020
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A lady who says sorry i don't know that one to annoy you when you need to know if Kaiser Wilhelm II enjoyed icecream
Alexa play Despacito, My Amazon Echo helps me when me sod
by Pacedonica April 5, 2019
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Amazon echo: "I am a very model of digital intelligence"

Also amazon echo: Ask her a simple question and she says "sorry I don't know that one" or "I'd rather not answer that"
Amazon echo is not a very model of digital intelligence
by Delta+ May 2, 2021
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