The Kaiser of Germany during WWI. Your history book spells it as William II. They are wrong. Please inform your class of this stupidity.
Student 1: So William II urged Germany to honor the Dual Alliance?
Student 2: No! Don't you read any other primary source documents? It's pronounced WILHELM! Wilhelm II.
Student 1: Was he a Nazi?
Student 2: That's WW2, you uneducated twat! Even though the Nationalist Socialist German Worker's Party came to power in 1933, you are STILL WRONG.
Student 1: You are such a nerd.
by geekoutbitches February 10, 2011
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The Kaiser of the German Empire during WWI. His terrible decisions such as firing Bismarck, backing Austria, and continuing Unrestricted Submarine Warfare led to Germany's loss in WWI. The cause and effect of his actions eventually led to the abolishing of the German monarchy and the rise of Hitler. All in all, he was a living shitpost.
Some people talking about bad decisions and the Kaiser of the German Empire during WWI: Kaiser Wilhelm II.
Person 1: "Dude, not getting my permit at 15 was the stupidest decision of my life."
Person 2: "Still not as stupid as some of the stuff Kaiser Wilhelm did..."

Person 1: "Who?"
Person 2: "Kaiser Wilhelm: the Kaiser of Germany during WWI, he wasn't very bright."
by BeratingCarolean May 19, 2018
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Kaiser Wilhelm II Von Hohelnzollen or for short Wilhelm II was the last Kaiser/emperor of Germany,forming the millitary alliance called the Central Powers,so central,that the Ottoman"Empire" was part of it in WWI.He had a very ambitious plan of defeating both France and Russia,but it failed and Germany along with Austro-Hungary,who had the House Of Habsburg,The Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria were considered losers and the Entente consisting of Russia,UK,France,Greece,USA,Portugal,Belgium and Romania grained territory(mostly Romania got thiccer).Wilhelm II left his position and the Weimar Republic was formed,and germany was 800Billion dollars in debd to mostly UK,France and USA.
Kaiser Wilhelm II Von Hohelnzollen was the Kaiser of Germany in WW1
by Asulsmallpp May 10, 2021
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