a girl who has mood swings. is a complete bitch and utterly rude and thinks she is above everyone else but she is really not. has sex on the weekends and tends to not care about her life. a girl who craves to be cute but she will never be therefore she is a jealous of all other girls
girl: i hate amanda shes a bitch
boy: most girls do, but i just want to fuck her
girl: ask her im sure she will
boy: i will
by 4385792 June 16, 2009
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Amanda is the name for a bitch. Anyone who you come across with this name is going to ruin your life so hurry! Run, and run fast because once shes in your life she will fuck it up royally. There has yet to be an exception to this, so until one is found be cautious, and afraid because there will always be an Amanda in your life at some point. Also been known as manda for short.
"that Amanda ruined my life!"
"shes been talking to my boyfriend a lot, i have a feeling shes going to be an Amanda.."
by sammy sugarlips May 11, 2009
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verb- to knock ones self unconscious with the intent of avoiding something, such as a painful death
"Emily, just go amanda yourself so you can sleep!"
"Shit, the plane is going down! I'm gonna pull an amanda!"
by EZpunkchick December 01, 2006
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amandas are very very dorky/funny unconfident of them selves but ar e realy truely preety they usaly fall for guys named mike or andrew witch are obseseve (mike and andrew).amandas are also sometimes violent and
you are so amanda
by mArK kIrK December 29, 2009
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Slut! Can be obtained and fucked in an extreamly short time, usually to someone that has no game.
She is such an amanda.
by christopher peek January 22, 2008
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A woman that is really large, usually as big as a cow. She talks like every guy wants her but in reality the only guys that want her are the ones that have alcohol poisoning.
Joe: Hey look at Amanda over there, I wouldn't touch that with a 100 yard pole and you pushing.

Jim: No Shit dude, I would have to drink 2 gallons of moonshine to touch that!
by WhoKnows13 May 31, 2011
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A female, typically named Amanda, that is a member of a fitness facility. She frequently drops her gym membership card while shopping for delicious produce at a grocery store, which tends to be spotted by a handsome young lad that proceeds to hit on her.
Person 1: I saw this hot ass chick at the grocery store. When she dropped her keys and I saw that gym membership card, I fell in love!

Person 2: That is sooo Amanda!
by You'd Never Guess February 03, 2010
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