Amado is a true nigga that doesnt let his friends down.he is a amazing person and gets lots of girls,he is also the type of person that loves his life.ussaly amados have black hair and likes to wear sweat shirts
Worker=y did you take my girl

AMADO=she came to me
by Amado March 13, 2017
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Amado is pretty smart he is somewhat of a creep. But his penis is gigantic and black
Hot Girl: Amado came inside of me.
by Blueskeletor January 20, 2020
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A homosapien which is characterized by vegetable-like ears. All the while working, will insure to do the bare minimum of work required to stay on the payroll. I.e. a worthless piece of crap
Guy 1: dude you're seriously just going to sit there while we work?
Guy 2: what do you expect? My badge says Amado
by Desert dweller 65 March 14, 2013
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He is a fat piece of shit that is surprisingly good at running with a yeye ass haircut
Did you see that fag amado at the race

He wasn't surprisingly last
by RealNiBbAs April 08, 2019
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The type of guy you would pay $20 to Shit on your Car.
I payed "Amado across the street" to shit on your car.
by DankMaker March 01, 2019
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