A person who is a boss or True nigger or wigger or migger
..... John Crossed the road ...Becky said look at that shit .... ..

in African terms Am the shit means a person who has no future because he has failed in School you would hear you for example ....(insert 12 character name):Uncle I have failed

Uncle : you piece of shit
by Van damn that ass August 26, 2015
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the 180° of: "are you shitting me ?" an reluctant understanding of possible self delusion ! (ie: me/you fooling myself/yourself. the feeling of 'joking' with oneself !
i'm NOT going to PUKE !... am i shitting me ?

she's going to "let me off"...am i shitting me ?
by michael foolsley October 21, 2021
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Once a nigga takes a shit at 4:00 AM, every shit after that is considered a 4:00 AM shit, no matter the time.
Conner: Brb gotta go take a shit.

Me: Dang bro why you takin another 4:00 am shit you fat ass shirt nigga.
by ConnerADumbassNigga January 30, 2021
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An area in which is no longer inhabited because some fucked up shit happened.
1. I played CoD4... I know what Chernobyl looks like! That's some Will Smith "I Am Legend" type shit
by Gprime8989 August 10, 2009
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