Short for "magic nigger," a derogatory term used for black characters in films and television shows who serve no purpose other than to provide mystical aid and guidance to white characters.
My friend insisted that Morpheus from "The Matrix" is just as big a migger as the title character in "Legend of Baggar Vance," but his arguments didn't convince me.
by bosochima January 23, 2006
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A migger is a mexican who acts like a black person.
Jose over there is such a migger, he thinks he can say skeet skeet!
by redheadedpookerbird August 28, 2005
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migger: this defintion has some complexity to it , because whilst SOME mulsims want to be black, a new culture has emerged where A LOT OF blacks want to be muslims. a migger is therefore defined as a Black who has converted to islam. One can only guess as to why a black would want to be a muslim, perhaps so they can cause twice as much trouble.
dieing victim: that there nigga stole my wallet AND blew me up!!

bystander: i think you'll find thats a migger

dieing victim: my mistake
by realdealcockle July 15, 2006
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A "Migger" is someone who is from Michigan and is a Gamer. The longer form is MI-Gamer, or, Michigan Gamer. MIG is short for MichiganGamer, however, add 'ger (to emphasize Michigander) to the end and you have Migger. In Michigan, a Migger is known as a local gamer who originated or lives in Michigan.
We're a bunch of Miggers.
by Joe Montuba April 04, 2006
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A magical nigger. A homeboy who can perform magic tricks.
Marquacious could make Tyreena's money dissapear magically. Marquacious was a migger.
by Marquacious September 25, 2006
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