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Alton \a-lton, al-ton\ as a boy's name is pronounced ALL-tun. Jamaican origin. Boys with this name tend to be quite hansdome and endearing. They are strong willed and kind at heart. They tend not to pre-judge because they, themselves, are not insecure. Easy to fall in luv/love with. Therefore, they name may be used to describe someone with these traits.
"Wow, he is so sweet."

"Yeah, he's a total Alton"

"Uh huuuuuuh! That's for sure"
by bucksluvr December 27, 2011
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noun- person- jamaican origin- masculine- A passionate lover of women. Wildly erotic and satisfying to the opposite sex. Extremely talented and creative while making women feel he really gives a shit. Void of sincere comittment. Will screw any female with half a vagina.
he's such an Alton, i came six times last night!

He's never gonna marry me! Fucking Alton!!
by googooman January 04, 2010
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A very cute guy who short but is nice and mean and will stay loyal to women and will not cheat. He is smart and very sports like. Loves to joke and play but when it comes to family and friends he's serious. Girls this is your best life choice
Alton is soo cute but smart and shirt
by Litboii236 July 16, 2017
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