That ever-expanding collection of sexual minorities that identify themselves with initialisms or acronyms that are more or less completely opaque to the uninitiated.

Includes, principally, the LGBT spectrum (LGBTQIQGQASA...) and the kink spectrum (BDSM, CBT, D/s, etc.)
Quinn was an asexual lesbian hermaphrodite, and a submissive masochist -- and therefore didn't swim in the alphabet soup, but dived in it.
by DancingKali June 1, 2011
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The ever increasing number of 3 letter government agencies. Used commonly by libertarians to describe the bureau of Alcohol, Tobbaco, and Fire (ATF). Other agencies that may be referred to are FBI, CIA, DHS, CDC, NSA, DEA, and many more.
โ€œYesterday I filled my sprinkler system with gasoline for when the alphabet soup comes knocking. Time to go storm the capitol!โ€
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A term used to describe a phenomenon in which letters do not form words. Often occurs during major exams
Noam: dude I failed bio
Ryan: did you experience alphabet soup?

Noam: no I'm stupid
by Matt Kim 69 May 15, 2014
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The best soup to ever cure the grumbly in my tumbly
*SLLLUUURRRRPPPP* yum. Now that's good soup
by Ashley Kenyeres September 26, 2003
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A various concoction of illegal drugs, taken concurrently, the effects of which cannot be anticipated. A for acid, B for barbiturate, C for coke, D for dope, E for ecstasy, F for fungus, G for GHB, H for heroin etc. etc.

The most hardcore experiences often come when you do not prepare the soup yourself.
Man, he was just freakin' out - like he'd had an alphabet soup or somethin.
by darxyde April 29, 2004
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While performing cunnilingus, the male simulates all 26 letters of the alphabet on the labia/clitoral area of the female. It is customary to repeat certain letters such as "M", "O" and "Z".
I fed my girlfriend Donna a bowl of alphabet soup last night. She came 4 times!!
by Jopey January 18, 2006
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