A crazy ass white fool with a big penis
Damn, Shaniqua!! That kraka I took home last night was a real NOAM! FO' SHeezy!
by bo January 15, 2004
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N.O.A.M. Niggas On A Mission.. none of that penis bs. and nothin' bout damn krakas
representin' NOAM biotch! holluhh
by emanuel August 22, 2004
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Stands for Not an Outstanding and Amazing Man
Look at that ant baby worm-eyes looking guy over there, isn't he such a NOAM
by My names Nona buisness June 02, 2018
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A unisex name

When it's a girl it's usually a beautiful extremely sexy awesome girl with big tits

If it's a boy they are usually hot as fuck but real jerks
Shit that chick is hot I'm sure her name is Noam !!!
by lol mother fucker January 06, 2017
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Noam is a unisex name commonly used in Israel. It means pleasant on Hebrew and it is a beautiful name in general. It is not used when you speak Hebrew though!
by nshuk2 March 28, 2017
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Theee most Jewish Atheltic alpha male there is. Perfectly Sculpted body by God Himself. He walks in the gym and everybody stares, can out lift anybody and is crazy vascular. Always uses perfect form and fully squeezes his lat muscles and touches his chest repping it out on the pull bar. Is against all supplements. Only eats organic crackers, white rice freshly grown in the fields and all natural foods to mantain his shredded 6 pack all year long even during hanukkah season.
Im trying to be like noam bro have you seen him
by Ya Heeeeaarrrd July 13, 2018
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