It’s a YouTube video about the alphabet lore.
Person 1: Hey have you seen the alphabet lore?
Person 2: Yeah I have! Have you?
by ReapaidButton408 September 29, 2022
A masterpiece of a story where the characters are all letters. It is unironically better than any anime and marvel movie ever made, with no dialogue it tells a story with a deep history and yet all the letters are able to say is their own name. All things considered it is a true masterpiece and should win an Oscar.
Have you watched alphabet lore?
yeah, shit was unironically better than anything Marvel has done in years
by snakeheadsexer September 17, 2022
something that turned popular only for fans to ship letters
GUY 1: hey i shipped F with N from Alphabet lore
GUY 2: shoots guy 1
by cooldude2144 November 14, 2022
Something that kids are going crazy about but it's actually good
A: alphabet lore is for kids

B: no it isnt
by A guy whit no bitches October 16, 2022
Alphabet Lore Where Letters Fight To The Death Against ErrFFf And Nnnnaaa But N Kill F and We Have Flash Back With Them
ZzzzzAAAAAA Is A Monster Sounding Letter That looks ugly Af

Also Modify Inside Jokes Foxi Boxi is an Rejection Groomer Nobody likes lol
by Editmyocnow October 9, 2022