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Ugliest people you will ever see. Blames how unnatractive they are on women because they cant get laid. Any sensible person would rather fuck a neanderthal then these retards. They praise eachothers 2 inches of destruction and think theyre special. Do not interact with these thirsty cucks, you will lose at least 90% of your braincells!
Person 1: Ew, look at that old man masturbating over there!
Person 2: Ugh, they must be an MGTOW, because it's only 1 inch long.
by animesucks84 February 02, 2018
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Bitch ass Neckbeards who think they know everything about women even though they've never talked to one. Think they've been "redpilled" but in reality they just gave up on trying to get women and beat it to porn because they look like a baboon's ass cheek . If you disagree with these losers they'll call you a "blue pilled cuck".

Normal Person: Wtf are you?
Normal Person 2: It's a MGTOW, ignore it an it'll go away
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by OGDANKDANK September 12, 2018
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What they think it means - "Men Going Their own way"

In reality it means - Men Getting Triggered Over Women

Bitter old divorced men who spend their time whining about women (Especially their exes) despite claiming that they "are going their own way" and living a life of manhood.

Some extreme examples can be linked to the Incel community and many of them advocate violence against women.
Bitter Divorced Man - F**k that bitch, I'm gonna go MGTOW, I'm gonna ride into the sunset on my motorcycle and live my life on my own terms

Rational, Normal Person - Dude! you've been saying that for 5 years now, Stop stalking and whining about your ex-wife and "Go your own way" Already
by Armycat296 May 31, 2019
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Men Going Their Own Way - Males who don't want to grow up and play nice with women, so they act like Eric Cartman when he says "Screw you guys, I'm going home." MGTOW members dedicate themselves to a lifetime without romantic relationships with women but full of masturbation, you know, like priests and NAMBLA members.
Dorkus Malorkus can't get laid because he doesn't believe in hygiene and doesn't know how to speak or treat a woman. So, instead of improving himself, he's decided to blame feminism and is proclaiming he's part of MGTOW.
by Lem Mann March 11, 2017
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A group of misogynist neckbeard gamer nerds on Reddit who got rejected or dumped one too many times and now they hate women so much that it has literally turned them gay.
"I discovered MGTOW and now I am free of the tyranny of evil bitch women who refuse to love me. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have sex with my fleshlight while crying."
by popnfloss October 17, 2016
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Men Going Their Own Way
The word refers to groups of autistic men that have over-analyzed the social and government situations so much that they have removed themselves from the gene pool and society.
MGTOW praise people like Isaac Newton and Buddha for finding meaning outside family and relationships, but they themselves can usually be spotted on anti-feminist videos shitting on women, and instead of going their own way, just end up obsessing about what women are doing more than people who actually want to be with them.
by Supreme Leader King Kong Un August 08, 2020
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