A word that is colder then ice. A word that strikes more fear then Death and Hell doesnt even come close.
Alone is the way everyone feels inside.
by <(-_-)> xer0 April 22, 2008
What I am on the inside. Even in a large crowd, I am alone on the inside.
by Zach G. November 24, 2003
1.) An emotional feeling you get when you feel that there is no one there to support you or, sometimes, love you.

2.) A physical feeling you get when there is no other prescence of a human being in the same room.
1.) Ever since my friend moved away, I feel so alone.

2.) When my dog left the room, I was beginning to feel alone.
by Arley June 14, 2004
1: A feeling you get when nobodys around.
2: Something every person will experience.
3: Not having anybody.
4: Something you want to be, or are.
I like being alone on a friday night. I like riding the buss home alone, or walk home alone. Only me and my music.
I like reading a good book, only me and myself. I like being in a silence room, I like silence.

I like to think, I like to set my mind free.
I'd rather travel alone far away, or staying home with people around me.
I'll go to school, only to learn, and not to socialise.

I like staying up the whole night, because its the only time I can completly be alone.

I like being alone, but I dont like being lonely.
I guess I've been alone for enough time for the bad thoughts to take over.
by amxndx November 26, 2013
a disorder marked by habitual masturbation where the only fluid leaving your body is tears
Since that bitch left me I've been so alone.
One who is extremely weird in nature and behaviour.
That guy from school, Loni, is so fucking weird, I think he suffers from alonism.
by Nigerian Hair February 22, 2009