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The status you gain in response to extreme harassment and backstabbing. This may most likely include, but is not limited to. People who were once your friends calling you every name in the book for no applicable reason. ie "Failure" "Ugly" "Retard" Call your 100% real leather jacket fake. Treat you like dirt and say they were just kidding. You tell them to stop and they get upset. Then, when you finally decide to do something about it you end up the bad - guy and your pretty much removed from the group because nobody wants you there anymore.
Those Sons of bitches i wasted my life befriending stabbed me in the back so now I'm an Aloner.
by MatBarnes November 02, 2009
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An aloner is a boner you get from a lot less stimulation than you normally would. The aloner is caused by a decline in sexual activity or seeing live nude women.
Patty broke up with me and now I get aloners looking at Seventeen magazine.
by pappy July 17, 2004
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