Alon is a nice guy with a temper. He might look like a turtle but if you can get past his looks he's a really good friend. Alons' usually play soccer but aren't that good at it. Alon is a meme loving boy and can be quite homophobic at times but dosen't admit it. He plays guitar and has a weird obsession with Shrek.
friends: Yo that guy looks like a turtle!
You: He must be an Alon
by lynneee42069 October 12, 2019
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a small person that has the smallest peen he has no life and cant be trusted. there is a high chance he is a massive simp and can be an irritating piece of sh*t. always bothers any girls and can become a pedophile so be aware of this guy and help him as much as possible but there is a chance he can be a bit of a massive simp. so hide your wives and children up he going for everyone out here!!!
Person 1: oh whats up alon
Person 2: lalala where are does girls
Person 1: aghhhhh run for your lives hide your wives hide your children hes going out for everyone here.
by Depxmix June 03, 2020
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