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Khushbu’s (Khush for short) are very social. They are loyal friends and always look good. Khush’s are known to get high on nuggets and are attracted to Dev’s. They also weirdly worship Starbucks.
Person A: Man she’s so popular.
Person B: She’s a Khushbu, that’s why!
by aneurysmcaz August 28, 2018
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Korobi’s are your dream best friends. The only price that comes is the fact that they are sometimes too good at everything. They are reliable and talented in almost every artistic or practical category. They are also known to be tall and they have an interesting taste in men.

Although Korobi’s can be shy, it’s very rewarding to approach and get to know one.
Person A: I just talked to a Korobi!
Person B: Congrats.
by aneurysmcaz August 29, 2018
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The one best friend that’s very funny and likes to muck around. He can be serious whenever he needs to be and he’s a total train. Typically, an Allen is very lovable and is always there to make you smile and have a good time.
Person 1: I love her.
Person 2: Too bad you’re not an Allen!
by aneurysmcaz August 28, 2018
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Devanshu, Dev for short, are people who usually like everything; LITERALLY everything. From games to music to Kpop to anime. They even like both Marvel and Dc! They only dislike a few things, such as Maths (even though they like robotics and are talented robot makers).

Dev’s are winners. They aim high and get the good girls (like Khush’s). Dev’s make good boyfriends (according to many Khush’s) but they are amazing cousins.
Person A: Man, my cousin is so cool. He’s a Devanshu!
Person B: That’s so cool, I always wanted a Cousin Dev!
by aneurysmcaz August 28, 2018
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