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super BAMF town in Massachusetts.
home to the stoners and white "gangsters" and preps with way too much money.
a popular hang out place is "downtown" consisting of a small convince store and a house of pizza
yo you guys lets go hang out in downtown southborough
by northboroian April 21, 2009
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Small and wealthy suburb of Boston, home to the 17th public library built in the United States. Also, boring as all hell.
Let's see if our parrents will pay for us to go see a movie or something because this town is so boring.
by TheD8001 April 16, 2005
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A place where a bunch of rich snotty kids who get what ever they want and go to fancy privet schools and have designer hand bags, jewlery and clothes is southborough.
by fromtheacademy December 10, 2010
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