It is the longest goodbye warcry in history, created by SamriJek, Munkreah, and Natsuru
When someone leaves, you say the warcry;
by DaRealJek December 3, 2019
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Loud screeching sound signifying war,battleor a fight
Date Of Origin:unknown
"Lets go kick his ass"
by navi December 4, 2004
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An extremely offensive word for only the megaest of crybabies. He's no ordinary person, he's a "warcries".
Dude stop being such a Warcries! It's not cool at all!
I thought Liam was cool but he's Warcrying right now.
by Sarfnic December 4, 2020
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An unbelievably stupid and incompetent crybaby in life.
Wow man, he's crying so hard, you'd think he's a Warcries!
Maybe he is, bro.
by Sarfnic June 4, 2021
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During cunnilingus, the act of shoving one's face into the partner's vagina, moving the head side to side and making a LI-LI-LI-LI noise like a towelhead as loud and fast as humanly possible.
n. So Farrokh, did you give Jillian the old Persian Warcry last night?

v. Hell yeah, I Persian Warcry'd the hell outta that bitch.

by TNA_GT May 3, 2006
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The irritated sound you make when you have been annoyed by all of the 'Urban Dictionary word of the day' words that regard Facebook.
Man1: I was checking the 'Urban Dictionary word of the day' and let out the loudest Facebook Warcry when I saw that the word was related to Facebook.
Man2: Yeah, I do that all the time.
by MasterofEcru February 2, 2011
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