longer version of Alex mostly used to piss people with the name alex off
Bob : Hey Alexander whats up ! ( Giggles )
Alex: Fuck Off!!!
by Razorsharp September 23, 2007
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Alexander's usually have Montross has and humongous dicks and they tend to be the best boyfriends in the most hilarious people you'll ever meet they usually have huge muscles and love they love to lick pussy and have fun in bed they usually are really good in bed and are great kissers Alexander's are hard to resist injects love to lick pussy really love people.
by Alexander... November 16, 2019
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Alexander (Alex) will most of the times usually very shy, but as you get to know him, he will turn out to be not so bad aperson. He loves action, but doesnt usually hang around that many people. You will realize that as the years progress, he will be nicer, out there more, and more popular.
by lizzie1123 November 6, 2012
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Someone who is always there for you
Great kisser

Amazing singer

Best boyfriend in the world

Always knows what to say to make your day
Perfect smile


A guy who doesn't force u to do anything if you don't wanna

Alex is a guy that after u hang out with you can't stop smiling and can't wait till you can see him again

A guy who you can fall in love with easily
Friend:did u see Alexander or something

You:yessss!!! Why
Friend:cuz you can't stop smiling
by Babyyyy888888 February 20, 2015
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Alexander, long name for Alex. An absolutely insane person. He drives me crazy (not in a good way). That boy gets on my nerves. He can be the best person I've ever come in terms with but he can also be a major pain in the ass. He can be a major asshole. Looks to "roast" anyone he talks to. The guy even roast himself! The best/worst person I've ever met. But he has a major sense of humor and doesn't get offended easily. Hard to get him mad unless you talk about his lover. Or about the fact that he doesn't have a lover. Protects his friends. Gives good advice. Not at all times but sometimes.
Alexander can be an asshole
by Jennieke December 22, 2017
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The most ballin tennis player that you will ever see on the face of the earth.
Balla wit the ladies, good looking, and fun to chill with.
You can't touch this kid.
"Man, who are we goin chill with, thats so awesome." Bob
"Idk man, what about Alexander, he's pretty awesome." John
"Idk if he would hang out with us, he's cool." Bob
"Let's try, it could be our lucky day." John
by yeaaaaboiiiii December 6, 2007
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Alexander is a real nigga. He keeps it real 100% of the time (unless your his girl and ask if you look fat.) He's an athletic dude who gets into dumb trouble. In his free time he likes to play instruments, play games or get baked. Always a good friend to have and is really funny. He can be a complete goofball. But he can also be very, sexy. He can make almost any girl go crazy for him even though he's not packing very well.
Jayson: Alexander is so hot!
by BionicMonkey659 September 11, 2019
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