She loves Taco Bell, is thicc, is nice but can be a bitch, she doesn’t listen but when she does she has good advice, is kinda a weirdo, flirts with guys so much she doesn’t even know when she’s doing it, she’s smart but she doesn’t really try, and she is most likely friends with an Emerson and if she is then they are gonna like live together.
Person1: there goes Emerson and Alena. Person 2: you know them, there hot. Person1: I know. Person2: can you intreduce me. Person1: no person2: why person1: because I don't actually know them I just assumed there names because they look really close.
by Helloimsmartandunderstandlife November 17, 2019
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ALENA now you are something more than anything a person can ever want in his life. Well I'll say that - - she is a real beauty.... A real queen, a person who is just so elegant that one cannot take his eyes off ya. Its like a dream girl which one ever would wanna get hold off and be with you for life long. She is such a CHERUBIC nature woman and also a very loving that you just would feel so buoyant around her. She is also one hell of a straight forward women who knows how to be canny. She is quite secretive chronicly. If you get her angry or annoyed.... Her churlish and ignorance towards you will be the worst part of your life. She is tall... Chubby cute and so such a hoty person.. Like a magnificent person. You will tend to love her sure you would... You will want to coalesce with her... You will feel jealous when she is with others or talking bout some other guy but she is real special and a real treasure. But she won't let You flirt her down instead she will roast you back....more like a deadlock situation. It's a genial behavior of hers that can't stop you being away from her. It's quite obfuscate of her and just being herself but a real queen among the deck of the cards. She is also a very naughty corrupt person... Who's next level of thinking can really just make you say LOLOLOLOLOOL
We do not need examples tho for ALENA... She is the only one among the all
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by Randomstranger15 October 25, 2019
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Amazing! Sexy! Hot! Super Fantastic Skinny Girl who is super tan! She loves to be super excited with Rizza and one day they will have a show called Alena and Rizza take Hawaii. Her Amazing-ness shines through everyone and everything so you will always be able to find her! Exclamation points are also a must if you want to be friends with Alena because her middle name is over exaggerated!!!!! Her hobbies consist of buying Chandlers and making Mr.Ravitt cartoons in Math Class. She has also mastered the cheer leading skill "Chin-chin". I know what your thinking, and you definitely have the right to be jello of her, lime green jello.
Alena Lunda
by !Rizza! April 08, 2010
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The famous Jazz Princess from Maine. She has a special power to seduce any kind of men or women. She is known to have many jazz suitors and they are all capable playing one or two instruments such as bass, piano and violin. She also owns a Korean immigrant who has a perfect pitch as her servant. She also can attract many jazz males because of her special skills. The Jazz Princess's weakness is the innocent appearance that prevents her from doing cool "jazz stuff" in front of the other fellow jazz citizens like smoking and drinking. She is planning to broaden her jazz experience by working at Fun Town this upcoming summer while listening to various Brazilian music.
"Wow! Alena has another jazz suitor who plays piano."
"Alena! I didn't know you drank! You look so young!"
"I can do anything becuase I am the Jazz Princess Alena."
by Ming Li May 07, 2008
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Alena is shy at first but if you get to know her she becomes this crackhead full of life, she can be sad sometimes but nobody really knows because she always smiles. She is the “funny” friend in the group so she can hide her feelings. But she always feels better hanging out with her bff’s. She loves the life of party but never was aloud to be in it. Alena is just the friend you wanna hang out with, she is kind and caring laughs at her own jokes, and is always there for you, if you have an Alena as your best friend you better never loose her!
Alena is so crazy!
I live Alena
by Whatheheckthisnameexists April 18, 2020
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In short she’s a psycho. But the good kind. She pretends she a love guru, and gives out advice that’s always a Russian roulette. She’s better off your friend than your enemy. She’s that friend that will make anyone who fucks with you regret being born. She sounds like a sorority girl but, acts like a 50-year-old gay theater man. She says she’s straight but even she knows it’s not true. She could talk hours about theater and Disney dramas. She’s Alena and Alena is a great friend.
Oh there’s Alena.”
“Oh yeah, she’s the best!”
“Yeah, she made my bully cry so much he got a migraine and had to go home early.”
“Damn, I’d hate to be on her bad side.”
by Aar0nsucks December 21, 2020
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