A Beautiful, Sexy, Easy to fall in love with, impossible to fall out of love with adorable you need an Alena. Smart, your love, nice, shy to random people, outgoing with friends, loves everyone, hated by nobody, popular, you wish you were an Alena. Alena's are also good in bed. Also a great girlfriend they'll never cheat or be snobby.
Guy: Man I just had a great girlfriend, shes impossible to get over, I love her so much. I want her back.

Stranger: Was her name Alena?
by Girrl 124 April 30, 2009
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Word to describe the human form of an angel. Perfection and grace.
Man this girl I met online, is a total Alena! You should meet her!
by thekiddoz September 28, 2019
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A real life sour-patch kid that loves goldfish crackers and rocks the basketball court and the dance floor with their voluptuous bootayy and awkward noises.
1) "Teehheee wommpp nom nom nom nerp"

"You sound just like Alena"

2) Mmmmm I love sour patch kids, sour then sweet...perfect! just like Alena!
by duda man October 08, 2011
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A bright kind girl who has a voice and she will stand up for herself even in a crowd. You don't want to mess with her. She is strong willed and doesn't slack off. If you meet one treat her right. She is a great friend, but if you judge, bullying, or mess with her and her friends... you will wish you NEVER had. She has an amazing heart and loves nature and animals. You need an Alena in your life cause she is a great friend.
Guy1: Look Alena is coming this way!!!
Guy1: Are you trying to hit on her? SHE IS MINE
Guy2: We will see, but look ate her she is so PRETTY
by Wavey Aesthetics October 01, 2020
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She loves Taco Bell, she is most likey best friends with an Emerson. She is nice but she can be a bitch, she is thicc, only dumb because she won't try, doesn't listen but when she does she gives great advice, kinda aggressive and is always hungry... She one of those people that eat like 5 or 6 slices of pizza
Alena: Hi my name's Alena You: do you like spicy foods? Alena: yes... You: (dies ofaughter because this definition is correct)
by Helloimsmartandunderstandlife November 17, 2019
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Alena's love jakes... And get along with them really well
"Hi, my names Alena! ..I really like jake :)"
by Everynameisalreadypicked! April 07, 2013
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