Alderman is the last name of a gentleman. He is always honest, truthful, and incredibly loyal. On top of that, he has the body of a god and the voice of an angel. His love is like none other.
What kind of man do you want to date?

I want to date an Alderman.
by truedog1 February 7, 2010
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Shes kool, but she won't come to my freshman orientation and be my mentor. Suck a peen Alison Alderman. Jk you're pretty cute.
MY FREEEEEEEND is so annoying, she must be an Alison Alderman
by jojothekoolkat June 2, 2020
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(v.) when a female strips her pants off (while lights are on) as she crawls into bed with her drunken pray
best friend #1: damn i just pulled the mckenna alderman

best friend #2: no way! what did he do?!
best friend #1: he said “damn ok then” and took his off too
by April 11, 2023
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A well-liked person in many social and religious circles, who tends to commit crimes without raising suspicion due to his or her social standing.
I thought I could trust that kid, but now my mother's ring is gone and my life is ruined! Well he sure did turn out to be a regular, Jimmy Alderman.
by Mrs. Zonker March 30, 2012
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A half-crown coin; its value, 30 pence.
Half-a-crown is known as an alderman, half a bull, half a tusheroon, and a madza caroon; whilst a crown piece, or five shillings, may be called either a bull, or a caroon, or a cartwheel, or a coachwheel, or a thick-un, or a tusheroon.
by Delbosco October 15, 2021
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